European Directory of Public Access


Cosmetic products placed on the European Community market are regulated under the EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.  Further details of this legislation is available on the European Commission Website  

Under this regulation, members of the public are entitled to ask cosmetic companies for specific information regarding a cosmetic product.  The information to which you are entitled is:

  • the qualitative ingredient listing.  The ingredients are listed using their harmonised international ingredient labelling names (INCI) – as you will find them on the product packaging. (In case of small products, this list may be on a notice enclosed with the product or made available at the point of sale near the product).
  • the quantitative declaration of certain ingredients (i.e. those covered by Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures)
  • information on existing data on undesirable effects and serious undesirable effects (if any) on human health resulting from the use of the cosmetic product.

The purpose of this directory is to make it easier for you as a member of the public to contact the company by providing you with the appropriate contact details.

Each company will have made their own arrangement to accommodate your questions.  These can be postal addresses, telephone numbers, website addresses, fax numbers or e-mail addresses.  Not every company will offer all of these access routes and some companies will have different contact points in different countries.
Sometimes a company may ask you to provide further information about the cosmetic product that you have requested further information about.  This is because companies often market similar products and will need to ensure you are given the right information for the specific product you are interested in.

If the company is not listed in this directory you still have of course the option of contacting  the company via the addresses or other contact details listed on the packaging.  

In addition to contact details for cosmetic companies, this directory also provides a link to the contact details for the relevant National Authority responsible for cosmetic products in each member state.  You may contact the regulatory authority in your own country for questions relating to the general requirements of the cosmetics directive and the implementation of this specific Public Access requirement.

Furthermore, the present Directory provides you with the contact details of the National Association that represents the Cosmetic Industry in your country.

Please note that the authorities do not keep the information about individual cosmetic products themselves and nor do the European trade association (Cosmetics Europe) or national trade associations. Such information is only available from the companies directly.

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