European Directory of Public Access


Cosmetic companies are obliged under EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009., to provide certain information regarding a cosmetic product to a member of the public on request.  Cosmetics Europe has developed this directory to help both the public and cosmetic companies. Iceland, Norway and Switzerland as members of EEA/EFTA have implemented equivalent national laws.

Access to the directory is open to both Cosmetics Europe  member companies and non-member companies.  The information provided is under the control of the individual company, who can choose the contact points it wishes to make available in each member state.  No charge is made by Cosmetics Europe to companies wishing to avail themselves of this facility.

Note: Companies must provide a contact point for each of the 28 EU Member Countries as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. If a company does not have any sale in one or several countries a contact point is still needed for all countries. Companies have the possibility to select a default address that can be used for those countries where no local address is available.

Companies are responsible at all times for the accuracy of the information in their own listing.  Cosmetics Europe accepts no liability for any inaccuracy or any failure of the directory howsoever caused. Companies will receive automatic reminders to update their entry.

To obtain a password for your company, please follow the link: Request password.

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