European Directory of Public Access


To find the contact details for the cosmetic company manufacturing the product you are interested in, you must search by the company name.  Note: This name may be different from the brand name or the product name.

To find the company name, you must look on the packaging or labelling for the name that is followed by a full or abbreviated address. The name and address will usually be easier to find on the outer packaging.

Start to type the name into the SEARCH box and the database will locate the company for you.

Click on the icon to view contact details.

A new screen will open giving you the contact points in each member state.  In some cases the links to company websites or e-mails will be “live” and can be opened directly but in most cases you will need to note the contact details.

You will then need to contact the company using any official language of the EU and give them full details of the product you are asking about, including:

  • brand name
  • product type
  • variant
  • colour (if applicable)
  • pack size
  • batch code
  • country of purchase

You should receive a response within three weeks. In some cases the company may ask for further details about the product to help them identify it correctly and give you the right information.

You will receive an answer in the official EU language you used when requesting the information. Although this may appear a little formal, it is intended to ensure accurate and consistent replies are given no matter which country the enquiry came from.

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