Water: the most valuable food

Water: the most valuable foodIt is well-known, yet only in 2009, it was officially included among the foods, like cereals or meat is the basis of the new food pyramid of the mediterranean diet, which is published by the National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition (now CRA-NUT).

And, in fact, our body, which in an adult is composed of 60% water, it needs this substance, any food: we can live a sufficiently long time without eating (depends on the fat reserves of our body), but only three days without water and our survival is compromised. Most of the water that makes up US is present in the muscles and internal organs (about 75%) and only 10% in adipose tissue.

But what is water for?

It helps cells in their vital functions, transports nutrients and oxygen through the blood, and removes waste from cellular processes, regulates body temperature and is critical for all metabolic processes, as well as for digestion. Water is not only two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen (the classic “H2O”): it is a solution of many minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and manganese.

It is precisely the variety of minerals that differentiate the waters (in Italy there are more than 250 bottled!).

This means that there is water suitable for every season of life, the needs of the body and activities:

– for a newborn, if the infant’s milk contains enough minerals, it is better to use minimally mineralized water;

– for adolescents better a medium mineral water bicarbonate-calcium and magnesium;

– for the sportsman is recommended a medium mineral, rich in salts and calcium, iron, fluorine, baking soda and sodium (replenishes what is lost with sweat);

– for pregnant women, a medium high residual water is indicated;

– for adults over 50 years old and women in menopause it is better to drink calcium water, which helps to counteract osteoporosis.

By learning to read the labels of water bottles, you will be able to understand which one is best suited for our needs. For example, the fixed residue represents what remains of the water at a temperature of 180° C (that is, after complete evaporation). 

The higher it is, the more salts that water contains:

  • * under 50 mg/l water is minimally mineralized, suitable for newborns and useful for stimulating diuresis;
  • * between 50 and 500 mg / l it is an oligomineral water, perfect for preventing kidney calculus;
  • * between 500 and 1000 mg / l, this average mineral water is great for re-moisturizing in summer and for those who do physical activity;
  • * above 1000 mg/l we talk about therapeutic water, rich in mineral salts, but to be taken under medical advice.

Drinking and drinking in abundance is good for health 

Let’s see together 10 reasons why it is important to drink more and be careful about the hydration of the organism.

1) helps to lose weight

Drinking and drinking in abundance is good for health Drinking water helps to regulate the stimulation of appetite and promote a sense of satiety. Drinking more allows you to ward off the sense of hunger, especially for those who often give themselves some extra snacks out of meal, and to eat less abundant portions of food. Dehydration makes it more difficult for the body to metabolize fats, which is why those who want to lose weight, but tend not to drink much, may encounter difficulties in losing weight.

2) stimulates our metabolism

Drinking more water helps stimulate metabolism and burn more calories. According to some research, drinking half a liter of water in 30-40 minutes can increase the speed at which our body burns calories by up to 30%. Drinking water regularly could be, therefore, beneficial to maintain active metabolism throughout the day.

3) allows you to train better

Water gives the muscles energy. That is why it is always recommended to drink before training or starting physical activity. Before workouts it is good to get into the habit of drinking more water, this can help reduce the risk of cramps, fatigue and sprains. In addition, those who sweat must drink more to compensate for the loss of fluid. The amount of water to be taken before and after workouts depends mainly on their duration, intensity and dispersed liquids.

4) makes the skin more beautiful

Drinking plenty of water during the day allows you to give our body the necessary hydration. According to recent studies, drinking water helps fight dry skin and allows the body to better eliminate accumulated toxins and bacteria. Moisturizing, therefore, improves the appearance of the skin and especially gives the face a younger image.

5) helps prevent headaches

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of headache. Maintaining a regular intake of water and fluid helps reduce headaches and migraines, especially if they are due to excessive fatigue. It is good to listen to our body and respond to its needs.


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